Spiritday & Amnesty

Happy Friday everyone~
In my case, I’ve been very productive today since getting up at 7, cleaning the entire bedroom (walls included), and the living room before meeting with a friend, and then walking pretty much around the entire south side of the city, before crashing at home with Akumu-chan, snacks and just having a good time with my friend~ Of course, we both wore purple!

Today’s Spirit Day, meaning it’s a day placing focus on the fight against bullying and discrimination against LGBTQ-individuals, putting focus on the  frightening statistics over bullying, slurs and suicide within this group, especially concerning teens. It’s hard enough as it is being a teenager, if your sexuality or gender isn’t going to cause others to treat you differently.
Spirit Day is a day where people worldwide show their support and concern by wearing purple.  I’m sure most of you have heard about it already, but if you want to know more about spirit day, you can go to the GLAAD website and read more, or turn your Twitter/Facebook profile picture purple. You can also buy goods that are related to he cause.
Personally, I think today’s one of the most important markings of the year. Because every day there are so many people out there being tormented for who they are, and although it’s not nearly enough – because enough would be a utopia where everyone supported and tolerated one another, but imagine how much it means to someone that you’re showing your support, that you’re wearing prurple for them; to support and encourage them. Like a warm hug, or a pat on the back, from the world, to those in need, saying “We’ve got your back, we won’t stop fighting.”

I hope many of my readers are wearing purple or turning their profiles purple today.

And while we’re on the subject of taking action against discrimination and unrighteousness, I want to remind my Norwegian readers of “TV-aksjonen” on Sunday. I’ll have to admit that I usually don’t pay attention to this event, so I usually don’t know what they’re raising money for, but this year, the funds are being collected for Amnesty International. “Stå opp mot Urett” (Stand up against injustice) is the motto of this year’s event, which amongst other important issues, is placing focus oequality. This summer, Amnesty had a campaign called “Å elske er en menneskerett” (To love is a human right) here in Norway, possibly other places as well, but I’ve only paid attention locally.This campaign had a huge focus on LGBTQ and the right to love the person you love. They are standing up against the injustice and discrimination some countries are showing towards a large part of the population. Obviously this is incredibly important to me, so when I heard Amnesty were the receivers of this years’ fund, I definitely wanted to do my part to help.

On Sunday afternoon/evening, collection box bearers will be knocking on doors all over the country, to try to raise money for this (and four other important) cause(s). I urge you all to give what little amount you can, to help Amnesty stand up against discrimitation and the robbing of human rights that so many people of the world are being subjected to. I know I will.
Remember that the smallest donation is a step in the right direction.

If you would like to read more abot the event, go to Amnesty.no. I also urge everyone in Norway to go to NRKs website, and read the stories of the brave people who are telling their stories about being subjected to discrimination, bullying and slurs just because of their sexuality, such as this one about Magdalena, whose father locked her in when she came out as a lesbian.  You can also read about how it’s estimated that 15-20 homosexuals are murdered in Turkey every year.

And then of course…there’s that article about how they censored a kiss between two men in the TV-series “Downtown Abbey”, which is just ridiculous and enraging. Why is it okay to show explicit straight sex and violence, but a same-sex kiss is an “outrage”?!
According to the aritcle, the kiss was taken out for “other reasons”, namely due to regulations of what kind of content is suitable for children, but what’s harmful about love?

It’s because of things like this that Spirt Day and the work Amnesty is doing is so important. Because we’re talking about human rights, which are stated in constitutions and the UN’s declaration of exactly, human rights.

Thanks for reaing this rant. I hope as many as possible show their support in one way or other, and check out those links.

Please continue enjoying your Friday!


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