Advent Calendar, Part 6

Just wanna sneak in a quick comment before today’s installment: According to my stats, I had lots of new visitors from all over yesterday, clicking themselves in to read the Advent Calendar.
Welcome aboard, and I hope you’ll stick around for the rest! ♡
Now, onto Day 6. Things are getting interesting, aren’t they?


Mizuki gawked at the person sitting on his bed, unable to find the right words to express the shock and utter confusion that was racing through him. Not only that, but his heart was pounding in his chest in sheer terror. Why was there a stranger in his house?
Why was this stranger naked at that, and what was he meaning to do to him. Why on-
“Welcome home, Mizuki.” The man said, in a soft, gentle voice.
Why did he know his name?!
Mizuki gaped at the man, trying his best to avoid actually staring. “What the hell are you doing in my house?” he finally croaked.
The stranger gazed at him, as if he hadn’t understood what Mizuki was saying. It struck the student that perhaps he hadnt. He’d been so surprised, he’d yelled out in Japanese, rather than English; still not being accustomed to the new language. Still though, he thought furiously, wouldn’t the tone be enough to give the man the gist of it? Should he have to change languages just to accommodate some intruder in his own home?
“Aren’t you going to say something?” he ground out, glaring furiously at the man, speaking in broken English this time. “I’ll call the police.”
The man continued to stare at him, remaining in that same position. There was something familiar about him. But Mizuki swore he’d never seen this guy before.
“What do you want?” he tried. He was worried. Maybe he really should have called the police. A quick sweep of the eyes across the room assured him that nothing seemed to be missing – he didn’t possess any valuables with the exception of his credit card, laptop and phone, and he had all of those in his book bag. Something was different in the room though. The table seemed cleaner somehow. As if something was missing…?

He looked from the table to the bed. From the empty, clean surface to the man sitting amidst the mess of blankets and pillows. His skin was oddly colored, a kind of reddish tan, though not very dark at that. His hair was a mess of thick, unruly spikes of bright red, falling into deeply green eyes.
There was a bow around his lower stomach.
Mizuki felt his eyes widen.
“No way.”

“You’re catching on,” said the man’s smooth, calm voice. “The flower has bloomed.”



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