Character Intro: Koeguchi Keiichi

Hey guys~
I meant to make this post way earlier, but as usual I don’t have much free time outside of prepping Love Addict and cramming for exams. Please forgive my lack of presence lately.
Though I urged you all to guess who this “mystery character” I wanted to share was, there wasn’t much enthusiasm – until I finally posted him. As expected, you all seem very excited!
The formal introduction however, failed to be posted. But better late than never. Let’s talk about this handsome devil, shall we?


For those who have read SNOW, you’ve already made yourself acquainted with this guy. Koeguchi Keiichi is Maaya’s art teacher in the early stages of the novel – later they go out.
Although they have quite an age gap between them, they have many things in common, and are able to mostly communicate on a mature, equal level.
At 21, Keiichi is a university student, majoring in art, and teaching art classes in his spare time for some extra pocket money. Though Keiichi is from a well-off family, he doesn’t like depending too much on them, so he works for his own money, and works his ass off to try to get a scholarship to study abroad.
His talent is nothing to wince at, and he is a patient and skilled teacher. His works are often severe and even dystopian, but he is a laid-back, generally happy guy.

When it comes to his relationship with Maaya, he makes some mistakes, and he might often seem less responsible than Maaya himself. However, he genuinely cares for the boy, and hates the way things turned out in the end.

Originally, Keiichi wasn’t supposed to be a very important character – or, he would be, as he was Maaya’s first love. But as far as my intentions went, Keiichi was there for the first part of SNOW, and then he wasn’t supposed to show up again. Thus, I never had him commissioned, and I never really knew what he looked like. However, thanks to a very dear friend of mine, I came to think of him much more than intended. Because she loves him, I came to consider his character much more, and also evaluate his actions and thoughts. Somehow, I came to forgive his mistakes, and see him in a different light. I also became curious about his looks, and decided to commission my dear illustrator to find out if he matched my internal, blurry image, and also to give as a gift to my friend. Lanny of course, is as mind-reading as ever, and skillfully whipped out this amazingly sexy character . As far as the image in my head goes, he is beyond perfect. No wonder Maaya fell so hard for him!

Thank you all so much for your comments and likes on his picture! Although he isn’t considered among the greatest characters, I do like him much better now than  I did when I first wrote him that sounded horrible. Now that I know that he looks like this, I like him even better. Ahaha~

Another headshot will be coming up shortly~

(Also, woah; I’ve been really lousy with the character intros on the blog. The two previous ones weren’t extensive at all… )


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