I am the author, or rather, rambler behind this blog, and I bid thee welcome!
I am also the author of novels SNOW (2010), Jaded (2012) and Love Addict (2014).
I dabble almost exclusively in BL (Boys Love), also known as yaoi, having been interested in, and mildly obsessed with the genre, and queer fiction in general, for the larger portion of my life. Although BL has many silly and unflattering sides to it, it also has a lot of progressive and intriguing characteristics, and as an author, I try to contribute to the genre with a more realistic approach, as opposed to the rose-red or problematic stories traditionally popularized. Erotica and sex has a great place in BL, but there is also far much more, which I also try to front, even though I love myself some good and raunchy BL too.

Although my genre is an obscure one, I am rather fond of it, and where it has brought me.
I’ve been invited for sign-sessions at Outland both in my hometown, Trondheim, and in Oslo. The novels have also allowed me to host panels at Aicon-X2 in 2010, and at Kaplah (together with yuri-expert Eirik Løvet), in March 2013, and most recently I had the panel ‘Yaoi 801’ at Torucon.
I’m honored to have been invited to these events, and I would love to do more of the sort in the future. If you’d like to invite me to an event – don’t hesitate to email me!

You might also expect to see some promotion for the aforementioned cosplay convention Torucon in this blog, as I am one of the organizers! I’m honored to be allowed to work with amazing volunteers and my fellow Jarls to create a fantastic cultural addition to our city every year, it really is the greatest feeling. If you see me running around at Torucon – please don’t hesitate to say hi!

Apart from writing, I do a lot of cosplay, watch tons of movies, drown myself in yaoi. And nerd. Alot. I am also a part-time student of English Literature.
When I first started this blog (and my twitter), I had this idea that it would be a professional, informative blog about my writing. But then, as I realized writing takes time, it became one of those daily-life things, where I talk about…other things. It’s become a way for me to communicate more with readers, and share things I find important, or rambles that are completely irrelevant. Like this one.
Not just silly things either. This blog has become a place where I talk about matters close to my heart; like animal welfare and rights, and LGBTQ questions. It’s important to use your voice where you can.
On far too rare occasions, I put up little snippets of things I’ve written here. I should do it more often.

Say hello to the real stars: these are the main characters, Maaya on the left and his Aki on the right. This piece was commissioned by the lovely F-wd-san~!

If you’d like to stalk me further, there’s a sidebar to the left, with more info about me and the novels ♥
You may also follow me on Facebook!


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