Well not really.

But I was on the radio today! Along with fellow Torucon representative Aurora, and my cosplayer friends Kim  and Andrea.

We were interviewed last week for a reportage on Cosplay by the national channel, for their daily feature ‘Kveldsåpent’, who sent their reporter in to talk with us about cosplay as a phenomenon, why we cosplay and what it means to us, as well as to allow her to watch while we got dressed up and styled ourselves.
A lolita, Suzuya Juuzou, Mikey from TMNT and Frozen’s Elsa were soon ready for action in Andrea’s living room, and we had such a good time, talking to the reporter about all kinds of cosplay-related things! It’s a rarity that reporters truly take their time when it comes to this hobby, at least in my experience as a PR-officer, so we were really enjoying the casual interview and conversation we were having, while being taped.

Unfortunately, despite the programme itself spanning over three hours, the feature on cosplay barely filled a few minutes, which yes, was disappointing, considering how many good questions were asked, and how in-depth the interview really went.

Still, it was a really cool experience to have, and it was interesting to get to explore our own views as well in the process, to compare experiences and talk about our own perceptions. So even if only a fraction it actually made it on-air, I’m glad to have been a part of it.
There might also be a feature article on NRK’s website, so crossing our fingers for that.
Meanwhile, the segment can be found Here. It’s supposed to be available for download as a podcast, but that doesn’t seem to work.
They also posted some photos from the interview on their facebook page, including this really snazzy one where I was mid-makeup, because Suzuya’s stitches take hours to apply, so I had to go to Andrea’s in half-costume, and with my hair pinned out of my stitches… Exactly what I wanted on the internet ♡
The things I do for Torucon, you guys!

Anyway, I should be in bed as I’m writing this post, so I probably won’t share it until tomorrow afternoon.
Hn, I have another post waiting, and yet another one after that~ Augh, so busy!
11 days and counting down until my final exam unless I decide to apply to uni!
So basically studying takes up all my life these days; or it would, if there wasn’t so much other stuff going on at the same time. I’ll try to get back on top of things.

Cosplayers represent! Photo: Julie Bendos, NRK.

Cosplayers represent! Photo: Julie Bendos, NRK.


Hectic lifestyle

Augh, is there ever anything such as enough time in this world?

My absence lately can largely be credited to some massive changes in my life, as well as the preparation and execution of Torucon’s Halloween event ‘Toruween’ which I was one of the leaders behind. Despite some chaotic days of rigging beforehand, we managed to finish the event safely and successfully on Friday night!
I had such a good time playing host up on stage, together with Aurora for once, and having been half of the leading team, and an in-promptu member of the deco crew, I have learned a lot of new things, and gained some more insight into what other parts of our crew do as well, which is definitely a good experience to have. Hopefully, it can help me become a better crew member overall!

It was also fun to be allowed to cosplay as part of the crew for once. I had been wanting to do this cosplay ever since the Hallween Party PV came out, so I was very excited about it~


Among the decorations, we had a fandom graveyard to set off the feels of all our attendees right off the bat. 
I decided to break my own heart a little, so I ordered the decoration crew to make Maaya’s grave stone as well.

…and brought it home with me

Because I was busy helping with shopping for materials, building a haunted house and decorations, the event itself and then taking it all down again on Monday, I’ve barely had any time to be online.

In addition, I was working on my quinque for my Halloween cosplay at Outland for Saturday, every free moment I got outside of Toruween preparation, to the point where we got there two hours before closing time, just because the damned thing wasn’t done in time. So much stress! By the time I got there, the other cosplayers were long since gone, and my poor friends had been waiting for me for like three hours…. Σ(^∀^;)
But I am so pleased with how the whole cosplay came out! And I managed to win the cosplay contest, which was really cool since I’ve never won anything in my life. So that was fun.
I hope you all had a great Halloween as well!


Saturday’s cosplay was Suzuya Juuzou from Tokyo Ghoul, but our dawdling resulted in a photo shoot after sundown, with very little light. Though, I’m very happy with how the photos came out, despite the high ISO!


I don’t really use my dA much anymore, but I’ll be uploading more of these, so please check them out~☆

To top it off, it’s November, which means National Novel Writing Month.
I really wasn’t going to do it this year – especially since I have an exam on December first, in a foreign language, so I really should be focusing on that. But all of a sudden I had extra time on my hands…. And here we are. I started a day late, and I’m behind my usual schedule. I tend to finish NaNo really fast, but this year I’m so stressed, I have a hard time sitting down to focus. Which is why I am writing this blog post, rather than actually writing….

I’ve been on the move all day, and when I finally made it home, I fell asleep…. So I have yet to write a single word today. Which is why I’ve cracked open a can of Rockstar, and plan to sit up until I’ve jotted down an adequate amount of filler words…..

So basically that’s what’s been going on. . And then I need to get working on my webstore, I am so sorry that it’s not up and running yet.
I still want to do the whole mail order thing with Love Addict, but I’m finding it difficult to get a response from my darling readers that’s you.
So please be patient with me. I’ll make a separate post for that in a short while
Didn’t I say that last time too?
Feel free to nag me for these things you know!

Anyone else doing NaNo by the way?
And by all means – I need pointers on what to write for this years Advent Calendar as well! Amuse me; the comment section is here for a reason!

Cosplay tips part 1!

Hey guys!
When I was in Oslo for Kaplah, a group of girls came up to me and told me that a couple of them were planning on cosplaying Maaya and Aki for Desucon, This alone made my day ♡
But they asked me about what kind of clothes the boys wore, and it got me thinking. I’m kind of bad at explaining these things right off the bat, and it’s not the first time I’ve had the question either, so I decided to put together style guides for the characters!
This post will focus on Aki and Maaya, but I’ll also make some for Atsushi, Arisu and Yuuki in a short while. If there’s another character whose style you want to see, please let me know and I’ll put some stuff together~

Now, let’s start with Maaya:
Clothes: He’s known for hating shopping, but it’s not like he doesn’t care about what he wear either, he’s just really casual about it. Most of the time he’s in uniform because of all the extra curricular activities he participates in, so when he’s at home his style his fairly relaxed – without being slob-ish. He likes layers; a long sleeved shirt over a tee, or t-shirts/hoodies over a thin sweater. Stripes are his favorite when it comes to pattern.
While he’s not big on brands, he does sometimes splurge on LemonEd, being a hide fan and all. He’s also prone to wearing shirts with messages on them.

The cover art is also a good way to see his style; simple white shirt, a green (wool) coat, and a scarf. When I cosplay this outfit I use sneakers and loose fitting grey denims as well.

Key point: His green drop-shaped jade earrings.

As for the hair: I get a lot of questions about my own hair, because in I did copy it for cosplay purposes. However, I don’t advise people to actually dye their hair to cosplay him, for several reasons. I must admit part of it is because his hair has been my hair for almost four years, and I find it weird that people should look like me. But mostly because this hairstyle takes a while to grow out, is very difficult to keep proper and in the end there’s just a lot of hassle with it. I recommend getting a good, semi-long wig, and then cutting it into the proper style – cheaper, simpler and much less demanding over all.

Here’s a small overview over the type of clothes he’d wear – keep in mind that these are examples and the cosplay doesn’t have to be made up of the exact garments, although some of these are clothes I personally own and use for Maaya (But unless you want to start emptying your pockets for LemonEd… I also don’t think H&M had started their “fashion against AIDS” campaign when SNOW took place):

Click to enlarge.

Moving on to Aki: His style guide was much easier and more fun to put together, because he’s the only character that has a very distinct style. I do think he’s more on the punk side than the actual Visual-Kei, but with him it’s all about flashy outfits. A subdued flashy anyway. There’s some difference between his SNOW and Jaded appearance, but only in the sense that he’s less clothed more extreme in Jaded.
Aki doesn’t wear a lot of color; it’s mostly black, grey or other dark colors, and some white. His outfits tend to be adorned with chains, spikes and several belts. He’s very skinny, so even though the outfits would be tight-fitting, they often appear as loose on him. For shoes he wears knee-high boots or creepers.

Key point and accessories: He tends to wear dark eye make-up. Even more so in Jaded, where he also wears Maaya’s one earring in his left ear. Because he has scars, he sometimes covers up his wrists with wristbands etc. And he often wears an improvised necklace made by leather string and a charm.  His ears are pierced multiple times on both sides, and usually he’ll just wear rings in them, sometimes he also wears ear cuffs.

Hair: Often described as reminiscent of steel wool due to its rough texture that comes from hairspray abuse. Aki doesn’t really style his hair as much as he just leaves it messy and sprays it to keep it in place. Wig is probably recommended.

Onto the style-guide! Once again, these are suggestions, although some are garments I own myself. But you get the overall idea. Fun fact: all the models for these unisex garments are girls, so you know…he doesn’t look this girly! Σ(^∀^;)


Click to enlarge.

I hope these helped anyone wondering what the boys wear, and hopefully I’ll have time to make a few more of these soon~
Let me know whether you find them useful, or if you have any questions, okay?

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Trick or Treat~

Happy November 2nd! Happy NaNoWriMo! Happy belated birthday to Aki. And thanks to everyone who showed so much love for him yesterday >w<
Like I’ve said a million times, this week has been insane. Thankfully, the test yesterday went well against all odds, and although I encountered some unexpected suckiness, I’m doing okay again now. Started writing yesterday. It felt unfamiliar, but I know the characters well, so I find comfort in that. I’ll write more about NaNo at a later time, since this post was originally intended for Monday. I have NO time for anything, so bear with me.

I went to Outland’s Halloween event on Saturday together with my beautiful people, and hung out all day. I was a little disappointed by the lack of cosplayers this year compared to earlier years, but we still had a good time.
I just want to take a moment to say how much I appreciated talking to some of you all day! I’m sorry I left so suddenly as we! Things got a bit hectic at the end there!
If I have one regret, it is that we didn’t get to take any proper photos. I’ve wanted to do this cosplay for about 10 years, since before I started cosplaying, but then we had no proper camera. Moreover, with the 40 cm of snow that came out of nowhere, we wouldn’t have been able to get any good shots anyway.
So I guess I’ll get a proper shin about nine months…..*sigh*
For now, you may have some of the (bad) snapshots taken throughout the day. (If you’re in a photo and want it taken down, or want to use them anywhere, please contact me)

And then…there was me~

Kiriyama approves!


And then finally, I’m taking the liberty of borrowing Tori’s video, which we more or less volunteered to be in!
Brace yourselves for a first, as Kiriyama Kazuo does “the laugh” by popular demand. ギャハハハ(≧▽≦)

Vlog#1 from Tori Løvø on Vimeo.

Ohohoo~ So yeah. It was really fun, and I was so excited to be Kazuo for a day! >w<
Now I’ll get my act together and do some wordsprints! I overslept today as a result of writing until two thirty last night, so I need to get on top of things!
Hopefully I won’t die over the weekend, and I’ll be able to keep a somewhat social life even though it’s November.

The long awaited Torucon post

At this time last Saturday, I was overwhelmed by the awesome that was Torucon, and we were only in our second hour of the day. In total, I spent 12 hours at ISAK, as one of the arrangers of what has come to be known as Norway’s fiercest con – with the most (Gangnam) style. (´▽`*)アハハ
Of course, I’m not biased at all….Σ(^∀^;) Since March, it’s been some long, quickly-passing months full of stress, excitement, anticipation, worry and something I will call utter-stokedness, no matter how corny that sounds. After the security meeting, two days in advance, I thought I’d be dead by Saturday morning, but upon seeing the finished opening video on Friday afternoon, and seeing it all coming together during the final push on Friday, during the rigging I was bubbling with excitement and energy. The day itself did NOT disappoint. It was honestly one of the most awesome things I’ve ever taken part in, and I want to thank everyone who attanded, everyone in the crew, all of the guests, and our sponsors.
I absolutely cannot wait until next year, and I hope I’ll see even more of you there!

Now for the photo avalanche. Please don’t use any of these without consulting with the photographers themselves:

Taken Friday night, Aslak-Jarl and me being super-kawaii in front of the weirwood our amazing decocrew made.

The Courtyard. Photo by ISAK

Overview of the Throne Room, during the cosplay contest

Between battles, I had time to chat with some friends; Disco!Abraham and Wataru! Photo by Marianne Ekren

Of course, Wataru had his own battles to attend. Photo by Marianne Ekren

Beautiful readers kept appearing! Photo by ToriHigurashi

With the Banzai-boys ♡ A joyful Aicon-reunion on my part! Photo by Danarki
I love how not even he could make me look photogenic XD No matter, I was happy!!

Game of Thrones cosplayers. Photo by Danarki

How often do you get to see a space marine doing the Gangnam Style? Photo by Danarki

Our lovely judges. Photo by Danarki

Photo by Danarki

Øyvind Krogsrud, the winner of first place! Representing Norway in NCC 2013!

It was just such an amazing day, filled with incredible cosplayers, epic amounts of fun and there just aren’t enough words to explain… If you’re not convinced of the awesome yet, I have some videos to prove it:

Ending it all in style:

It’s been a week, and I’m still dreaming about Torucon every night! Aah, I wanna go back~
I’m considering making it mandatory for all my readers to attend every year. Ohohoho~ (ノ∀`)

Well then, I could ramble forever, but I’ll stop this here. Have a good Saturday everyone!
I think I might upload a drabble later, so keep your eyes peeled!

Attention Trøndere!

[This post will be in Norwegian, as Torucon is irrelevant to my international readers. Sorry about that]

Noen har kanskje fått med seg at jeg har tatt på arbeidshanskene, og joinet Torucon-crew. Med tanke på hvor mange år av livet mitt som har gått med til å syte over at Trondheim ikke har egen con, skulle det bare mangle at jeg ikke tok i et tak når vi endelig har fått en! Første bud for å få til en suksessfull con er FOLK. Man trenger folk som står i kulissene og trekker i trådene.
Torucon kommer til å bli enda bedre i år enn i fjor, men for å få til dette trenger vi enda flere frivillige som kan bidra.

På fredag var jeg i møte med flere av jarlene i Torucon; et svært koslig sådan, med prat, brainstorming og budsjettprat. Og det ser lovende ut! Men, som sagt så trenger Torucon folk.
I første omgang trengs det folk som kan bidra med de litt store jobbene; økonomiansvarlig, underholdningsansvarlig, crewansvarlig osv. Såklart trengs det også treller, som kan gjøre småjobber på selve Torucon, men da må vi altså ha en con først, sant?
Det er forståelig at folk gjerne vil delta, men noen må faktisk ofre seg litt for at vi i det hele tatt skal ha en con å gå til. Og gøy blir det uansett!
Torucon kan dessuten lokke med boller, saft og kake på møtene, og titler til crewmedlemmene! ( ^▽^)

Hvis noen føler seg kallet til å gjøre en jobb for Torucon, så kontakter dere Gud Aslak på mail eller går til Torucon!
Husk at alle monner drar!

Faktisk vurderer jeg å blackmaile dere alle og si at hvis ikke folk melder seg til Torucon-crew så blir det ikke noe av Jaded. Tenk på det! ━━━━ヽ(`∀´ )ノ━━━━!!
Men slem er jeg vel ikke? Neida. Joda. Kanskje? *dramatic music playing*

Så! Chopchop! Tenk dere om, er det noe dere kan bidra med? Dekorasjoner f.eks? Ta kontakt med Aslak asap, og fortell alle vennene deres at Norges BARSKESTE con trenger crew!

Torstein (av Aslak)

24 hours isn’t nearly enough!

Life is hell-bent of getting in my way recently, and I’ve found that there is only one solution:
I need more hours to the day.
Sadly, I can’t see that happening. But the alternative would be quitting school, which isn’t an option. Sadly. On Tuesday I spent the first 80 minutes listening to a lecture that would’ve taken me 15 minutes to read by myself, then we had lunch, and then I spent another 80 minutes not understanding anything in math class. Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d been able to write had I been at home. Unfortunately that sounds unlikely, as I’ve sat here all day and produced a total of almost one page. *sigh*
I’m not sure what it is. I’m usually inspired at this time of year (though, maybe it’s a bit early still?). My mood’s a bit of a roller coaster lately, with a lot of things going on, and some stress on top. Generally I’m in a good mood, but then I also have pessimistic times, a lot of the time related to math and procrastination, heh. I’ve said before that I write best if I’m in a melancholic state of mind – well, as far as the JS project goes, that’s the case anyway. The characters are complex and going through hardships, which I find easier to write if I’m in some sort of pain myself. And so, because things have been a little rough lately, I expected to be able to write after all, but it’s so harrrrd.
This writer’s block is getting sort of ridiculous. On the other hand, it can’t be called a writer’s block when I actually get stuff done here and there? It’s not forced either. Some of the time it’s a little off, and I need to rewrite and work through the material several times, but it’s still pretty fluent once I get going. I think it might be because I have so much stuff I need to get on with in addition to writing, I never get enough time to really get into it. In November I always clear my schedule and push away everything not related to writing – unless a huge exam happens. This is difficult to do for the rest of the year – generally because in that case I’d never get anything else done.
So I think it’s mostly a problem related to time. Thus, I need more hours.
In addition to working on Jaded and editing old segments of it, these are things I want/need to do:
• School work (I’m behind on four assignments)
• Social life (I have friends, I like hanging with them)
• Plan/Work on cosplays (note to self: work harder here)
• Finish watching Samurai Champloo so my friend can have his DVDs back
• Catch up on my beloved Naruto episodes
• Watch/read “Gantz”
• Catch up on a million animes I picked up before the great hdd crash of 2011
• Re-watch 14才の母 and 聖者の行進
• Pick up on my Japanese and work thrice as hard as usual >__<
• Read the pile of books and manga sitting in my bookcase that I’ve had no time to read
That, and probably a heap of other things. I realize that perhaps manga/anime/books shouldn’t be prioritized over actual work… But when things like this pile up and I feel like I’m missing out, I don’t get anything done anyway. *siiigh*

This is probably what they call first world problems. Guh, I need more time. I would cut down on sleep, if it hadn’t been for the fact that I’m already constantly tired.
Easter break, I’m looking forward to your arrival!

From the ruins

Exam on Monday went as expected: was boring, wrote a ton of pages, my wrist cramped, retrospective panicking, and most likely top score. I’m not worried, and I’m glad to be done with it. Now all that remains is the oral one on the 5th, tomorrow’s All day writing and of course the semester assignment. Then I’ll return to the greener pastures of Jaded and Other Side. Ah, good times ♥
I think I was even more exhausted than I felt. Even though I’ve been a wreck this past week, and at the verge of tears constantly, more or less because of stress and my hard drive. So when I woke up today I was in complete shock: It was noon. I never sleep longer than ten, so it was a bit distrurbing, especially since I have so much stuff I need to do today. Which I’m gonna start in a moment.

The real point to this post was just to share the cosplay photos I uploaded yesterday:

For the time being, these are the only photos I have from the September test-shooting. I’d put them in my dA stash, so they weren’t lost with everything else.
Hopefully I’ll be able to have the rest recovered… ^^;;

Anyway, this shoot was so much fun, but a bit of a challenge. It was POURING that day, and our Atsushi couldn’t make it, so we were a bit impaired, but we decided to at least check out the location. Good thing we did, as we have a much better idea of how to do the actual photoshoot now. But the weather just kept getting worse, and it was freezing, so we just had to call it quits after the first test, but some of the pics were really good. These are two of my favorites. Though, my hair is obviously not Maaya-like at all atm, so I need to cut it again and shape it properly. >_>

Anyway, we’re having another shoot on Friday, hoping it will be even better.
But first, it’s another round of studying.

Have a good day everyone~

Buried within words

November 7th.
7 days since the start of the annual 30 days of literary abandon. For me, it never is that long. Whether you call it overachievement, or OCD I have this terrible habit of finishing NaNoWriMo before we’re halfway. This year, my aim is to be done before day 9.
Did I hear anyone say insanity?
I absolutely agree. But when the world decides to play it’s cruel tricks on you, by scheduling absolutely every single test, exam and appointment from the 10th of November onwards… Well, what other choice do I have?
Add to that the aforementioned bout of obsessive overachieving that I’m enslaved to.
I also think it’s healthy for me to finish up quickly, as I already from day 2 was at the stage where I forgot about dinner, turn the wrong switches on the stove and more or less stop functioning as a human being. By today I’m already somewhat of a mess.

Yesterday I hit the promised 30 000 word mark, my goal for the day. Thank you NaNoWriMo officials, for that challenge, handed out to those of us who had already passed 15k.. I pulled it off with 6 minutes to spare.

So this leaves me in somewhat of a predicament; now what?
My goal for this year is to actually finish the novel itself by November 30th, not only NaNo itself. If I want to do that, I should just keep working just as hard. From Wednesday on, I need to start cramming for two tests, and I also have to do my math assignment. I’m going to lose at least two, perhaps three days this week. So maybe I should just work my ass off today and tomorrow and hit 50k by Wednesday, so I can relax?
If I do, then I can write more in a healthier pace in between school, and still finish the story by the 30th. Maybe.
But I also need to get some other things done today… Gaah. November, you’re cruel.

At least I’m still looking somewhat human?

Oh, if you follow me on dA, you will have seen these already, but I did promise to share on here as well. For the time being, these are the first batch of uploads from the Shizaya shoot taken during Outland’s Halloween cosplay last weekend:

I’m quite happy with the way they came out~ More will come later, when I have the time to sit down and upload them.
Guh, what happened to the blogformat? ^^; I’m too lazy to try to fix it. And the little wordcounter in the bottom left corner is stressing me out, so I’m returning to my NaNovel for the time being..
And if any of you other NaNo’ers see this: I’m cheering for you all~! ♥

Oh, and to anyone living in the districts that get “Heimdalsbladet”, pick it up tomorrow afternoon~

Urban Unease

Good morning!
How’s everyone’s Halloween Weekend going?

Yesterday, I went to Outland’s cosplay event, as always. Sadly, we didn’t get to use our costumes from Torucon because our props were far from finished and we feared the cold – then we ended up feeling like wimps when we saw what some of the others were wearing. ^^;;
Sadly we overslept (thank you daylight savings time that did not start yesterday) and got there later than planned, and we also had to go back earlier than planned, so I felt like I’d missed out on some things. But it was fun while we were there. Especially the photoshoot we had at a local mall~ I’ll be putting the pictures up on deviantArt as soon as I’ve gone through and watermarked them.
If anyone who was there has pictures of us, feel free to link me to them or e-mail them to me~~ I’d love to see (even though I generally take horrid photos ^^;;)

It was also fun talking to readers again~ ♥
You guys are awesome. Keep stroking my ego, and maybe I’ll write Jaded faster. Hahaa~ ^__^”””
Oh, and do comment on the facebookpage and tell me what your favorite scene from the novel is! First of all, I’m really curious as to what everyone thinks, and secondly, we need some photoshoot-ideas, so just throw it at me! ^-^
There might be prizes!
…..or not. But do it anyway ♥

Now I’m going to get back to cleaning up this dungeon after yesterday’s crashing, and then I’ll get ready for our little birthday celebration~
Have a good Sunday everyone!
And continue to have a great, candyfilled Halloween weekend/week/season. Hah~