Dear Santa

I only wish for one thing this year: Respect.

I wish that people can respect one another, that school children can wear their santa hats to the last day of school without being told to take them off. Respect for other individuals doesn’t mean that we need to undermine who we are. That’s not what equality is about – if one part has to strip themselves of their own customs to please someone else, something has gone wrong. A compromise is a given, but obliteration is something else. Also, Santa isn’t a religious thing, he’s a commercial symbol, let the children have their fun. .

I wish that people should be allowed to love who they love without having to defend themselves or to be questioned on it. Nobody should tell them that they are abnormal, or a disgrace. If you love someone then there is no difference if they’re the same gender as you or not, or where they are from. Let people deal with their own personal lives.

I wish that people should start seeing each other as people.

Why do you think that this person is so different from you, just because you’re not the same color or share the same preferences?

Why is it that it’s been proven that Moms are the most important role models in children’s lives, yet two moms is a bad thing?

Why is it okay to help a straight couple conceive a child, or even let a single mom use a sperm donor from Denmark, but if a same-sex couple does it then it’s wrong?

Having children isn’t a human right – rather should there be a license required. But isn’t the best parent someone who loves, supports and cares for their child, rather than someone who lives in a straight relationship (make that relationships, people split up and find new partners, but nobody’s calling this Child abuse), with that as the only requirement.

I wish that politicians focused on more important things than whether or not they should abolish basic human rights.

No, getting married isn’t a right.

No, having a child isn’t a right.

No, expressing your beliefs isn’t a right (yes it is, but only if it’s politically correct).

These are privileges. But who are you, Mr/Mrs Politician, to tell us that we don’t have that right?

Because a straight parent is a bad parent, should we stop having kids?

Because someone gay was involved in a sex scandal, should we ban homosexuality?

Because someone did something horrible based on their religious beliefs, their personal interpretation of it, should we judge their entire religion?

All I ask for, is a little respect. Everyone is different. We should judge the individual, not an entire group.

We should allow people to be themselves and act out their true selves, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone. Santa hats doesn’t harm anyone. A couple getting married doesn’t harm anyone.

While we’re talking about respect: On July 22nd, our nation was struck by a terrible event. Can we please celebrate the holidays without any mentions of it? Without nightmare-inducing pictures, and pointless articles about someone who doesn’t deserve our attention? Out of respect to everyone affected by the incident, their family, friends and loved ones, can we please have a week without these articles?

And please, if you have the time; tell the world that alcohol is another privilege. It’s your choice if you want to have that drink or not, but your children don’t get to choose whether or not they will be affected by intoxication, unfamiliarity, uncertainty and pain on a day where they are supposed to be happy.

It’s not about you. It’s about those around you.

Finally, animals need to be respected too. I wish the fur industry would finally be stopped. Systematic cruelty is not okay.

The list could go on forever, but I only have one word: Respect.