A wordy November

December and the season of Advent is upon us. Soon, 2017 is behind, us and I realize that yet again I failed to keep this blog alive.
With a scrutinizing glare I realize that the last entry I made was back in February. Sigh.

However, just because I haven’t been writing anything here, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing.
Or. That was actually the case up until November 1st. After a two year absence due to exam stress and a deep depression, I was back where I belong; at my computer with a cupboard laden with energy drinks and pringles to get me through the fray.

When I last did NaNoWriMo, back in 2014, I “finished” on Day 6. What I mean by that is that I hit the required 50 000 words, and then went into my usual habit of stringing out a couple of words more, and then abandoning my script.

Nano stats PRE reord Screenshot-2017-11-11 National Novel Writing Month

Until this year, the longest I’d kept up with a NaNo-script was Love Addict in 2012, which somehow turned into a proper novel two years later.

This year, I decided to try something new: If you have ever seen me play Diablo III, you will know that I am an achievement whore, I NEED those achievements.
This year, I found that while I had been away the NaNo site had implemented a badge system, and I was dead set on catching ’em all. Which meant I had to update my word count daily for 30 days.
Considering my plot this year is fairly simple, I decided that I’d either get the 30 day badge OR I’d finish the script. Preferably both, but considering how simple my plot is compared to earlier novel drafts, I figured there was a chance I’d be done before the 30 day mark (As it turns out, I still write in an extremely roundabout way, so that didn’t happen).

This year’s novel is about a young man named Miyuki. At 29, he feels like he has achieved nothing; he has no education, no steady income and he is deeply depressed. On top of everything, he is trying to nurse himself back from heartbreak, and this leads him on a train journey through Europe. His goal is to pick up the pieces of his life and come to terms with a painful memory.

As it turns out, my journey with Miyuki took a lot longer and was alot wordier than I had expected. I’m used to a dialogue-based form of writing, so having a character who is by himself 90% of the time was a challenge. There is a lot of filler material that I’ll have to edit out at some point.

Anyway. The story about Miyuki came to me about a year or so ago, and I had written down some notes for it (very few as it turned out). I had very little to run on, but with no other pressing ideas, I decided to make it my project for this year’s NaNo.
I was nervous at first, uncertain of how to go about tackling this script. I hadn’t written anything in the form of fiction in two years, and I felt like I’d lost my way with words.

But then, on November 1st, I sat down and started typing.
It was an amazing feeling. I felt like I was home where I belonged. The words were flowing out, as if I had never been away from my writing at all.

As usual, I sort of lost my drive once I hit the 50k on day 5 (which had been my goal. I’m always striving to beat my own record). I went from writing 10k-ish words a day, to writing the bare minimum for a couple of weeks. Then yesterday, for the final push I suddenly got the wild idea that I wanted to finish the script.
I nearly made it. Miyuki still has one more train journey to make, and the hardest leg on teh whole of his trip. I have about two chapters and an epilogue to go.

The script currently sits at a total of 138.231 words, and it is going to be a nightmare to edit.
Nevertheless, I smashed all my NaNo records. I wrote for 30 consecutive days.
And. I did it all without my N-key, which abandoned ship about two months ago.

Screenshot-2017-12-1 National Novel Writing Month

Leave it to me to hit this kind of word count and still be dismayed that I slacked off and killed my epic curve.

And though I broke my NaNo-streak, having been absent for two years, it feels good to be back in the saddle. I’m ready to reclaim my throne. But first, I’m gonna celebrate Christmas!

(It needs to be said that the moment I updated my word count for the final time of 2017 – I fled onto the internet and left Miyuki in limbo somewhere in Belgium. I promise I won’t leave him there for good)


Love Addict E-Store open! Special release discount!

I had this idea that I was going to hold off releasing Love Addict through the webshop until we’d revamped my website and made it more functional.
These days, I mostly use Facebook or Tumblr to advertise my writing, so there’s not even a speck of info on the website about Love Addict… And frankly, the CS webstore isn’t very functional either, since there’s a separate web store for each book.

But, there hasn’t been much time to think of a functional way of refurbishing the site, much less pulling it off… And I know that my international readers are waiting for the webstore to be launched. At least I hope you haven’t given up on me yet!

So I decided to go ahead and open the webstore, almost five months after Love Addict’s initial release date.

You can now purchase Love Addict here!

However, to make it up to all of you who were patient enough to wait for me, I’ve decided that as an apology, Love Addict will be sold at a special discount of $8 off until March 7th!
All you need to do is to apply the following discount code: 7SW6E3Q3 when placing your order.
Remember that if you want to place an order through CreateSpace, you’ll need to make an account, which takes about 5 minutes, so please do that first!

I am so sorry it took so long to get the webstore on its feet, but I hope it was worth the wait!

Please don’t hesitate to share this offer with all your BL-lovng friends as well!
If you’d like to place an order for either ‘SNOW’ or ‘Jaded’, you’ll find links to their webstores in the sidebar to the right.


Love Addict Mail Orders!

Okay so I am a horrible person for having forgotten all about this! Love Addict has been out for two months, and I have yet to open my webstore – This has to do with the fact that we’re planning on revamping my website, in order to make purchasing novels easier. As you know, ordering from CreateSpace means that you’ll need an account on there, and I think many people aren’t up for that, which isn’t helping my sales.

So, what I’m finally going to do, is that I’ll open for mail orders!
This means that you can order the novel directly from me, and get it signed!

How to do this:

* Send an e-mail to carola@jadedsnow.com, with the subject “Love Addict Mail Order”

* Fill in the following:

Your Name:
How many copies:
Paypal Address:

What message you want written in the book (Optional)

* Mail orders will be open until December 25th!

* The books will be $28 (NOK 200;-) a piece, ex. shipping. Shipment costs depends on where you live in the world.

Almost there..

The other night, I wrote a blog post, added it to drafts…and scrapped the whole thing.

There is something peculiar about the feeling as a release date approaches. As an avid fan of pre-ordering, the final weeks or days for me are mostly spent waiting; an exhausting, agonizing wait with frequent trips to the mail box, hoping that today….

As an author, the same period of time looks a little bit different.

I can’t really recall how I felt before the releases of SNOW and Jaded. I think… With SNOW it was all so sudden, I didn’t have time to prepare. While Jaded was more like finally.

Up until a couple of days ago, I didn’t think much of the release at all. Maybe I’m getting used to doing these kind of events, or maybe it’s just because I am so busy these days, I hardly have time to sit down and think; I mostly find myself running around frantically trying to cram more hours into my day.

But when I sat down and tried to think and feel.. There’s definitely something there.
It’s anticipation, and admittedly, some nerves.
The latter didn’t exactly decrease when I stumbled across a rather cross review. As an author I am prepared for all kinds of opinions; and all books are not for all people. Still, that’s not to say it didn’t hurt. That said, it’s something that’s probably unavoidable, even though I wish I hadn’t come across it only days before a new release.

I’m excited to finally share Love Addict with you, but at the same time it’s kind of terrifying.
It always is.
There’s something really strange about having kept something to yourself for so long, something that has been yours alone for so long, and then allowing people to parttake in it; to read it and form an opinion on it.

I’m excited, but also nervous. Maybe because Love Addict is so different from the other two novels?
But it would be. All my novels are shaped by the characters that parttake in the story. Although Love Addict has the same universe and characters as Jaded, it’s a vastly different story, because Aki and Miya are such different people. The characters’ personalities and traits ultimately shape the narrative and the story.
I find that rather fascinating.

Love Addict was really fun to work on, compared to the struggles I had with Jaded and Aki’s complex nature. Miya is simpler and way more honest, so it was really relieving to write this story.
Hopefully, you will enjoy reading it as well!

Part of me is terrified to let this project go and see it in other people’s hands, but I know how great this is all going to feel tomorrow, when the release event commences.
There’s definitely a peculiar feeling on the night before a release, but I don’t think I’d want to miss out on it. Not at all.

If you’re in Trondheim, don’t hesitate to drop by Outland! I’ll be there signing books from 12:00 pm!
And if you’re on time, you can leave with a bunch of these sexy freebies as well:

Yaoi 801 with grand announcement!

Right, so I forgot I was still trying to do this whole blog thing…

This weekend was Torucon, and you’d have to be living beneath a rock not to actually know this, or to have missed that I am part of the amazing crew at this great convention.
This year, I also doubled as a “guest” (quote marks on that because I still slaved around all weekend, like a proper Jarl), and hosted a panel titled Yaoi 801.


Considering the circumstances, my Kumagoro was a natural prop for the weekend


First off: THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who attended! I must admit I didn’t expect the room to start filling up almost 30 minutes in advance, nor did I expect it to be that packed!
(Sorry about the heat, we had some aircon issues in that one room)
The panel consisted of BL as a genre, the history of BL as well as how it relates to society and popular culture, homosexuality in Japanese history and art, critique and conflict. I really pushed the borders time-wise, and even had to cut large portions of my script in order to have time for it all!
Even now, I’m sitting here festering in my own annoyance about having forgotten to talk about the differences in Japanese and Western Fujoshi-culture…. Somehow, I completely skipped it, even though it was right there on the boad.. sigh. Next time!
I also really wanted to take a photo of the crowd – but forgot my camera at the sound table. Curses!

I also made a grand announcement right at the start of the panel:

LOVE ADDICT will be released MID-OCTOBER! The specific date will be revealed as soon as Outland and I have scheduled a good date for a release signing!
I’m so excited! Because of Torucon, I’ve had very little time to finish up what was left to do in the proofing process, but now we’re finally at the goal line!

Torucon itsef was of course also immensely fun! I’m so proud of everyone in the crew, for continuing to make this event greater and greater each year!
Thanks to all the lovely feedback from readers I met at the panel and otherwise at the con itself, and for all the lovely messages you guys gave me!
I was saving ‘senpai noticed you’ cards for you all, but someone stole them.

Another thing I want to address which was amazing this year was the amount of male crossplayers – admittedly, a large minority in the convention crowd, but all the more each and every one of them were impressive, serious and great! Each and every one of you made me smile, and though I had no time to give out cards to all of you, if you’re reading this: You’re my hero!

I love that we’ve come to a point where boys are seriously crossplaying, solely for the sake of loving a character, wanting to challenge themselves in terms of new outfits, looks and styles, and wearing it all with their backs straight and a smile on their faces! THIS is progress, and I’m loving it!

Thanks for a great weekend!
See you in October!


Love Addict announced!!

Writing this blogpost in case any of you missed the video below. I feel super awkward about having put up a Youtube video, but at the same time, I’m super excited about what’s going on lately, so please do check it out!

On the morning of New Year’s Eve, just as I was on my way out, the doorbell rang, and a much awaited package was finally delivered.
Inside of this package was the proof copy of Love Addict.
As I said in the video, I’ve been dropping hints for a while about this secret project of mine, without much luck. I am however delighted to announce that I’m finally in the final parts of preparation for release, which will be within months! Currently, the book is being proof read by a friend of mine, and the final details are being polished.
I’ll make sure to go into more detail once the release date has been confirmed. Please be patient until then~☆

For those of you who are using Goodreads, I’ve put up the profile for Love Addict on there, so you can add it to your to-read list! Yey!
Remember that you can also add your reviews to SNOW and Jaded while you’re on, and make sure to recommend them to your friends.
Independent author life is hard.

So anyway, I hope you’re as excited as me about this new release! I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you all, and to hearing your comments when it comes out!