Love Addict announced!!

Writing this blogpost in case any of you missed the video below. I feel super awkward about having put up a Youtube video, but at the same time, I’m super excited about what’s going on lately, so please do check it out!

On the morning of New Year’s Eve, just as I was on my way out, the doorbell rang, and a much awaited package was finally delivered.
Inside of this package was the proof copy of Love Addict.
As I said in the video, I’ve been dropping hints for a while about this secret project of mine, without much luck. I am however delighted to announce that I’m finally in the final parts of preparation for release, which will be within months! Currently, the book is being proof read by a friend of mine, and the final details are being polished.
I’ll make sure to go into more detail once the release date has been confirmed. Please be patient until then~☆

For those of you who are using Goodreads, I’ve put up the profile for Love Addict on there, so you can add it to your to-read list! Yey!
Remember that you can also add your reviews to SNOW and Jaded while you’re on, and make sure to recommend them to your friends.
Independent author life is hard.

So anyway, I hope you’re as excited as me about this new release! I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you all, and to hearing your comments when it comes out!


In hiding

Augh. As usual, I’ve disappeared. Well, to be honest it’s been partially on purpose this past week. That, and I’ve been swamped with stuff. Right now, I’m supposed to be studying, but I’m being distracted by a livestream.

Anyway. I hate being in the media – that is, I am really bad at getting my photo taken, and I really dislike how uncomforable I always look in photos, so being in for instance, a paper, makes me really uncomfortable.
However, on the Jaded release event on December 1st, a journalist from a local paper (Same one who covered Torucon), stopped by interviewed me for an article about Jaded and SNOW, and my writing in general.  I’m impressed at how it turned out, considering I was in the middle of the event when we conducted the interview!
He’s a very good journalist, so I enjoyed the interview itself, but because of the bad light, we didn’t get any good photos. In the end, we had to take new ones, so the article wasn’t published until last week.
To be honest, I was horrified when my friend called and said she’d read it; because when I saw the article, not only was the picture….well….as expected (bad), but it was a full page at that! So I kinda panicked and went underground for a while.

But the article itself was good, and the journalist did a very good job conveying what I wanted to express into words. So I’m gonna post a link to the web version here.
Naturally, it’s in Norwegian, but I’ll try to get a translation done shortly (yes, I know I said that last time as well. But I will this time)!

So anyway, if you’d like to read the interview, you can go here!

I’ll do my best to translate it soon, but right now I’m completely swamped. I’ll try to blog more again too >_>
Well then~

In medias res

Remember a couple of weeks ago, I made a tweet about having been jumped by a paparazzi?
Probably not, but I made one.
It was so strange, I was on my way home, and I was just thinking about the article a local paper did on me and SNOW when it first came out, and then just as I was approaching my own street, that very journalist jumped out of a car in front of me! Haha.
We got to talking, and he was wondering if he could do a follow-up, so I was like “okay.”
And he was all “let’s get some photos.”
“What, now?!” I said.
So yes…Inpromptu photoshoot in the street, after I was returning from school and having walked for an hour..Needless to say, it’s not the best photo (and my scanner decided to honor it by messing a little with the colors). Anyway, in the end the piece he did was a very casual one, with random questions for a regular column in the new local paper “Heimdalsbladet” (For Norwegians: Gratismagasin som omfatter Heimdal-Tiller-Byneset-Selsbak og flere nærliggende regioner), so it’s nothing major. It was an e-mail based interview as well, so I was less flustered this time.
The paper came out yesterday, and looks like this:

The funny thing was that I agreed to do this although I was so embarrassed about the last interview, because I’m not really fond of attention, and I was just thinking about it, but I still agreed to do it. Temporarily insane, that’s what it’s called. But it was fun still.
Does this mean I’m a celebrity now? Getting jumped in the street like that? Haha~ (笑)
I’m kidding~
But yes, so for anyone interested, pick the paper up if you see it. Or, click on the link below:
Heimdalsbladet-Nov11 (pdf)
Sorry it got mangled, the page was too big for my scanner, so I had to scan the two separate halves..^^; And the picture…ugh.
Also, I just want to make sure to remark that any typos are not mine, naturally it’s supposed to say Battle Royale and Kazuo Ishiguro.
Other than that, it’s pretty accurate to the answers I gave.
I’m going to resume my studying now, but if anyone’d like I can translate it to English later?

Well then, hnnngh, I’ll just bury myself. Have a good day~