Drama CD: Break Free!

I’ve been posting about this in various places, but I thought I’d add a post to this blog as well. Better late than never, eh?

So, this is going to be a shameless advertisement for a fellow author, who I admire greatly, and whose work has always been more than inspiring to me. Nowadays, I am lucky enough to call her my friend, and I am super excited about her having this project happening!

Basically she wrote a novel-length script which was adapted into an audio drama, starring such amazing voice actors as Narutu’s Junko Takeuchi and Noriaki Sugiyama, Daisuke Namikawa (K, Haikyuu!!, Hetalia) and Yuichi Nakamura (Haikyuu!!, Durarara!!).  The artwork is by Japanese illustrator Yamada Shiro.
For anyone who’s heard ‘Yours For An Hour‘, it’s by the same production company; Leaves & Bonds, and obviously, if you’re a SasuNaru fan (like me *coughs*) then it’s definitely a must-have!

The deadline for pre-ordering is on the 16th of February, Japanese time, so anyone interested should get to it, as pre-ordering is the only way to guarantee getting your copy (or copies)!

Nobu has always put his family first, even before his own dreams. Just when he’s about to resign himself to the future his father has planned for him, a boy he met 10 years ago reappears and turns his whole world view upside down. Will Kaito be able to show him what it’s like to live a life that’s more free?

The Drama CD comes in two versions, with different epilogues. The drama is recorded in Japanese, but the CD comes with a transcript in English.

You can pre-order the CD until February 16th from Good Smile Shop.

Version A: https://goo.gl/zFyhFz

Version B: https://goo.gl/O478yb

This is going to be SO GOOD, so get your copy before the deadline~

You can also converse with Raz on her tumblr, ask questions and otherwise support the project on there.
Even if you can’t afford buying a CD yourself, please spread the word and help support her~


Image source: GoodSmile Shop