Blue Blood-ties

I came across an old draft from 2012 that was never posted a while back. It was written on November 20th, the day X Japan’s Yoshiki was born, emotionally scribbled down as I was watching live DVDs, celebrating by myself.
I don’t know why I didn’t post it, but once the day had passed I supposed there was no point to it?

Today however, marks 27 years since X Japan’s debut album was released, and I can’t not re-write that old draft. Because this band has had such a profound role in my life and perhaps more than anything, in my writing.

The first time I heard an X song, I was around 17 and although the lyrics were mainly in English, the words were broken and hard to decipher, but it didn’t matter, I still found myself overcome with emotion, and like the name of the song itself, I was overcome with tears.

When I started working on SNOW,  X were a natural part of the process – largely thanks to those heart-wrenching and emotional lyrics, which were a perfect backdrop to the scenes I was writing down, but also because of Maaya.
When Maaya first appeared before my inner eye in 2006, he had pink hair; it was cut short, but I knew that he’d used to wear it long. I think from that moment, I knew he was a hide fan.

At that point, the connection between the music and the novel was made.

I didn’t make him a fan because I myself am a fan, but because it all seemed to fall into place so easily, so obviously. But this connection has been deepened by some really striking coincidences .

Maaya’s birthday is March 15th. I picked it for no particular reason, but as with all my characters, I spent a lot of time mapping out their personalities and matching zodiacs.
March 15th 2011 was set to be the release of X Japan’s single Jade – a song played at almost every show since their 2007 reunion, but which had yet to see an official release.
Jade  means an enormous deal to me personally, but the fact that it was scheduled for Maaya’s birthday with the name that it had, and the message it carried… It was almost a little too coincidental.

Due to the tragedy of 3-11, Tohoku and the subsequent tsunami, the single was postponed, and not released until about a month later, but that didn’t change anything, least of all the way Jade was a bridge between my two novels, between Maaya and Aki’s stories.

At the time, I was mid-Jaded, and at a crossroads. For the longest time I had no idea what I was doing, or how the story would turn out. I was struggling with an element that no longer seemed to fit into the story, but which I had been holding on to for years already. I didn’t know if I should keep holding on, or if I should just let it go and let the story evolve into the new direction I had staked out. Somehow, the decision was made – albeit unconsciously.

I’m going through the old draft as I am writing this post, and being reminded again, of how deep this connection runs. It’s almost a little freaky, I think to myself as I sift through the lines and find facts long forgotten.

Apparently, the night I finished Jaded’s first draft, though nowhere near completion of anything but the overall story, was on this day, the anniversary of Blue Blood.
When the album came out, I was 9 months old. I wish I could say I grew up with this night, but at this point that’s what it feels like. I didn’t, but my writing certainly did.

On the date of the original draft, November 20th 2012, I announced the release date for Jaded. I wrote the following:  “Seems only right that events would drag out long enough for the announcement to be made on Yoshiki’s birthday.”

Today, I’m having a day off, and by chance this first day off in months falls on the anniversary of Blue Blood. At the end of the original draft, I wrote that I was watching them play Joker while smiling crookedly. Four years later I am listening to Celebration, and I hope that this strange connection my writing has with this fantastic band will never let up.




“Hey, can you do my bookreport”

I was reading this article today (Norwegian only, sorry), and I had to laugh. Basically, the article is about a Norwegian mystery/crime novelist who talks about receiving mails from students doing book reports or semester assignments on him and his novels. He claims that the threshold for e-mailing the author personally is way too low in this country.. Why? Because not only are students e-mailing him asking for basic facts to put in their reports, but some even ask him to send them entire summaries of his novels. In other words – they are asking the author to do their assignment for them.
I found this immensely amusing because well, I’ve had some similar experiences myself. Though, I have yet to be asked to summarize my own novels, and so far nobody has asked me to answer their assignments for them, but I have had my share of e-mails with all kinds of weird questions that I cannot imagine are relevant to the sender’s book report.

I understand that the author in the article wonders if he should laugh or cry when he is mailed a list of generic questions, that are basically just copy-pasted from the demands made by the assignment. Still… At least you should know the gender of the person you’re doing the report on?

As amusing as I find this entire thing, I also do think it is a bit concerning that so many students take the easy way out, rather than doing their own assignments, or reading the books themselves. You’re only fooling yourself in the end, and honestly, there is a book for everyone out there, but to find it means to read.
Remember to do your own homework, kids!

With that said, I just want to clear something up. I mostly commented on this because of the hilarity of someone actually asking the author to summarize his own novel in 100-200 words, rather than doing it themselves. Does anyone really expect that the answer to this would be “Yeah sure, here is an in-depth analysis of my own novel for you.”
Not only is it ridiculous, but it’s also quite disrespectful towards someone who put so much work into this book, and you’re practically saying “I don’t care about your novel. I don’t want to read it. Tell me all about it yourself.”
As an author, I’ve had some harsh experiences where I’ve been at my table at some event and someone comes up, drawn in by Lanny’s amazing cover art, picked up a copy, flipped through it and then said “Ew, it’s an actuall book.” As much as I understand that not everyone enjoys reading, or that maybe my genre isn’t their thing, please consider the feeling of the author when they’re sitting right in front of you. Constructive criticism, and discussion is welcome, but don’t step all over the author without even having a valid argument!

I’m sure nobody means to hurt the author when they do things like this, and most authors probably just shrug it off and laugh, but the worry lies in how they don’t seem to consider the author at all. Moreover, cheating as a whole doesn’t bear witness to much self respect.

Woah, I didn’t mean for this to turn into a rant, I originally just wanted to share the article, but got carried away.

When it comes to me, I am always happy to answer your questions – I am, after all not your generic, best-selling author, so the amount of information available online is limited. You won’t find me on Wikipedia (as far as I know?), so if you’re doing a book report, or project on my writing, contacting me might be your only resort.
I don’t mind this one bit – in fact, I am incredibly honored whenever someone have chosen my novels or me for their assignments. It is a really strange feeling, but I’m very thankful!
However, know that while I will reply to any questions you might have about my writing, or personal details that might be relevant for the assignment, I will not tell you what my novels are about because you didn’t bother reading them (though, if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be picking me for your assignment in the first place, right?) . And, there are certain personal questions I won’t answer, namely concerning my family etc. But honestly, how relevant are my parents’ middle names to your book report?
What I’m trying to say is that I hope you will all consider before asking mundane questions to an author and asking them to solve your assignment for you. In some cases, the only way to get the answer you’re looking for, is to search out the author themselves, and that’s okay. And most authors are slightly narcissistic in nature – we love talking about our own projects, so most likely we’ll love the attention, but be respectful!

This entry is all over the place, so I think I’ll finish here. But if you have any wish to contact me about my writing for a project, don’t be afraid to do so, just drop me an e-mail!

Character Intro: Koeguchi Keiichi

Hey guys~
I meant to make this post way earlier, but as usual I don’t have much free time outside of prepping Love Addict and cramming for exams. Please forgive my lack of presence lately.
Though I urged you all to guess who this “mystery character” I wanted to share was, there wasn’t much enthusiasm – until I finally posted him. As expected, you all seem very excited!
The formal introduction however, failed to be posted. But better late than never. Let’s talk about this handsome devil, shall we?


For those who have read SNOW, you’ve already made yourself acquainted with this guy. Koeguchi Keiichi is Maaya’s art teacher in the early stages of the novel – later they go out.
Although they have quite an age gap between them, they have many things in common, and are able to mostly communicate on a mature, equal level.
At 21, Keiichi is a university student, majoring in art, and teaching art classes in his spare time for some extra pocket money. Though Keiichi is from a well-off family, he doesn’t like depending too much on them, so he works for his own money, and works his ass off to try to get a scholarship to study abroad.
His talent is nothing to wince at, and he is a patient and skilled teacher. His works are often severe and even dystopian, but he is a laid-back, generally happy guy.

When it comes to his relationship with Maaya, he makes some mistakes, and he might often seem less responsible than Maaya himself. However, he genuinely cares for the boy, and hates the way things turned out in the end.

Originally, Keiichi wasn’t supposed to be a very important character – or, he would be, as he was Maaya’s first love. But as far as my intentions went, Keiichi was there for the first part of SNOW, and then he wasn’t supposed to show up again. Thus, I never had him commissioned, and I never really knew what he looked like. However, thanks to a very dear friend of mine, I came to think of him much more than intended. Because she loves him, I came to consider his character much more, and also evaluate his actions and thoughts. Somehow, I came to forgive his mistakes, and see him in a different light. I also became curious about his looks, and decided to commission my dear illustrator to find out if he matched my internal, blurry image, and also to give as a gift to my friend. Lanny of course, is as mind-reading as ever, and skillfully whipped out this amazingly sexy character . As far as the image in my head goes, he is beyond perfect. No wonder Maaya fell so hard for him!

Thank you all so much for your comments and likes on his picture! Although he isn’t considered among the greatest characters, I do like him much better now than  I did when I first wrote him that sounded horrible. Now that I know that he looks like this, I like him even better. Ahaha~

Another headshot will be coming up shortly~

(Also, woah; I’ve been really lousy with the character intros on the blog. The two previous ones weren’t extensive at all… )

Drabble: End of Summer

The school year has already started, and I hope you’re all getting back into your routines nicely. The truth is that I always dreaded going back to school, and so I shared some experiences with my tumblr followers. As a result, I ended up writing this little bit.

I intended to post it earlier, but stuff got in the way. It also got more melancholic than I aimed for, but please enjoy it still.
[Aki and Maaya are copyrighted, please do not repost or alter this text in any way]

End of Summer

The trees are still green, but soon the lush, vivid color will give way to hues of orange, yellow and red. Autumn is approaching, and although the heat is still sweltering, the winds blowing inland are steadily turning chillier, and the evenings are back to being cool and comfortable.

The days of going to the beach with friends, or hanging out at the mall just to be somewhere with proper air conditioning and easy access to ice cream, days of listening to the cicadas while reading on the porch or playing in the refreshing rain from a gardening hose are soon over.

The final day of summer break has come to pass. Night has fallen, and soon an alarm clock will ring and announce the start of a new semester. Two sets of school uniforms are already prepared, on their hangers, casting their shadows on the walls inside the dim room.

The two boys currently occupying the room should have gone to sleep already, but they’re still awake, sitting quietly on the bed. Neither of them want summer to end, but one of them in particular seems down.

“Aki..?”  Maaya reaches out, touching his hand to the younger boy’s shoulder.  He’s noticed the way the other boy’s mood has steadily dropped over the course of the day, and it’s not hard for him to guess why. For the past month, all throughout summer vacation, Aki has been staying with Maaya’s family; eating with them, gone out with them and helped out with the chores. At nights the two of them have slept together in Maaya’s room. He’s barely seen or heard from his mother at all throughout summer, not even a couple of days ago when he went home to pick up his uniform – by request, as Maaya’s mom wanted to iron it for him. His own mother was nowhere to be found, and frankly he was relieved.
Sometimes, Maaya thinks it’s wrong to just accept that this is how things are, but at the same time there is nothing he wants more than to have Aki with him, and to know that he is okay.
That’s probably why he can’t sleep either.
Now that school is starting again, he can’t be sure that Aki is okay, and perhaps they’ll slip into the pattern of him not sharing his thoughts once more.
“Don’t tell me it’s nothing,” Maaya bites him off. “I’m not stupid.”
It frustrates him, being pushed away whenever he tries to support his boyfriend. And it worries him that while he is in his senior year, Aki has only just started high school, and it doesn’t seem to be working out too well for him.
Aki sighs, looking away.
“You’re worried about tomorrow, aren’t you?” the elder of the two asks, his voice mild once more.
Aki shrugs. He holds back.
Maaya patiently waits, watching the way the other boy pulls his legs even closer to his body; pressing his knees against his chest, hiding his face between his knees, and then exhales slowly.
“I was the only one unaccompanied to the first day of school,” he mutters. His voice is unbearably raw, despite how quiet it is. “Didn’t know where to go or anything. So I was late, for the first day.”
Maaya doesn’t say anything, but he knows that his hand is reflexively squeezing Aki’s shoulder a little harder.
“Got used to it though. It happened every year.”  His voice is emotionless now, just as his face undoubtedly; hidden between his knees.
Maaya shifts on the bed, rising to his knees and clumsily crawls over to the other boy, crawling up behind him and enveloping him from behind; wrapping his arms and legs alike around Aki’s thin frame.
A light shiver runs through the younger of the two. Maaya kisses him on top of the head, nuzzling close to him, continuing to hold him silently.
“D’you want me to come with you tomorrow?” he asks, quietly.
“Don’t be stupid.” Aki’s voice is muffled. He looks up, turns around and allow their gazes to meet at last; his dark eyes are quivering slightly. “Besides, you start tomorrow as well. President.”
“I’m sure they’d cut me some slack.”
“On the first day?” Aki’s voice is dripping with sarcasm.
“If you want me to.”
The younger boy turns around fully now, and sits facing Maaya. He shakes his head. “I can go on my own. Don’t be silly.”
He looks down on the sheets again, at the space between their bodies. Then he leans forward slightly, resting his forehead against Maaya’s shoulder.
“I’m not afraid of tomorrow,” he says, earnestly. “It’s just…”
His lips feel dry against the elder boy’s bare shoulder. “I just…don’t want to go.”
He’s most definitely anxious .
Maaya pulls him close, pressing their bodies together, and wishes that he could protect him from whatever it is that’s making him seem this different from his usual self. After all, he knows so little about Aki’s school life, and yet he knows enough based on the occasional bruises, the scowls he’s witnessed when he’s been to pick the younger boy up, and the remarks he’s heard. It can’t be easy.
He doesn’t want to lie, but he feels like he is; “You’ll be fine…” he whispers against dark tresses, his hands running lovingly over the small of Aki’s back. The boy is strong. He can hold his own, but that doesn’t mean he’s not hurting.
“I’m not…It’s not what you think.” He attempts to defend himself.
Maaya lets him. It’s okay if he doesn’t want to show it all.
“I just wish I could stay with you instead…” he mumbles. He’s reddening. Even though Maaya can’t see it from this angle, he is sure of it, as he feels Aki’s skin flushing beneath his touch.
He kisses the boy’s neck, touching his lips gently to his hot skin over and over, and whispers; “But you can.” He pulls away slightly, so they can see each other’s faces again.
“Your uniform is already here, right? It’s not like you have to go back home just because school starts again. Just stay here for as long as you want to.”
He smiles, bringing their lips together, gently. “I’ll always be here for you.”

He half expects some kind of snarky remark in response, but Aki ‘s lips are sealed. A brief smile crosses his tired face. And then he finally speaks; “We should sleep.”
He pulls Maaya down with him, and soon after falls into restless sleep, with his head resting on the elder’s shoulder.


Big Announcement #2: SNOW and Jaded available as Ebooks via DMP!

Okay, so a couple of hours ago on Facebook, I said that it was about to announce one of the secrets I’ve been keeping from everyone for the past couple of months.
Well, here we go:

I am delighted to announce my cooperation with the Digital Manga Inc. aka Emanga publishment company!
Thanks to them, SNOW and Jaded will be available as Ebooks for a variety of platforms (such as Kindle, iPad etc) from here on!

SNOW is already available through their website!

This might not be as exciting for those who already own the novels in their physical format – but this way it will be easier for people on a global level to get a hold of them without expensive shipping and registering for CS.

I am so nervous about this, and still I am absolutely thrilled to finally be able to talk openly about this!

Thanks everyone for your continuous support, and stay tuned for the second update, which hopefully is even more exciting!

ImageThis is one very happy, very tired author signing off~ :*:。゚*\(★∀<)/*゚。*:

Edit: Can we please ignore the typo in the header. I meant #1. Can’t edit because link will break OTL

Drabble; “Snap”

Hey guys, it’s been a while! As usual I should say.

Well, for those who follow me on Tumblr, you might know that I recently bought a new laptop after my loyal old one decided to retire itself. It was a bit emotional, considering I wrote two novels on that thing, but it was necessary, and now I’m the proud owner of a shiny new toy! The point of this rant was that well, it takes some time to get used to a new laptop and a new keyboard, so I asked on Tumblr if anyone had any prompts for me.

I had an Anon request some MaAki fluff, and after procrastinating a little, I jotted down something last night. I hope you’ll enjoy it Anon ♡
Feel free to let me know what you think~
Wordcount: 521


Click, snap!
Aki stirred, turning his head towards the sound, attempting to fend off the overwhelming tiredness as he cracked his eyes open and tried to focus on the form sitting above him.
Maaya was nothing but a blurry silhouette blocking the lamplight, he clenched his eyes shut again and yawned.
“What are you doing?” he ground out in a hoarse, sleepy voice.
The room was already too hot, despite the whirr of the air-conditioning. It was far too early. It didn’t matter what day it was. It was summer vacation, and way too early to be up after having been awake way too long the night before.
The room felt even hotter. His lip twitched weakly, before the smile dissolved into another yawn.
“Are you gonna sleep all day?” Maaya’s soft voice traveled down towards him as he leaned closer. Strands of pink came to brush against Aki’s cheek, and the tip of his nose.
“Not at all…” warm breath ghosted over his cheeks, right before warm lips rested on his temple and fingers found his hair, running through the wiry, ebony mess in a loving motion. “I could watch you sleep all day.”
“I could sleep all day,” Aki muttered in response, his lip curving upwards. His mouth felt dry. Opening one eye halfway, he peered over at his boyfriend. “What are you doing with your phone?”
“Like I said, I could watch you sleep all d-”
“Did you take my picture just now?”
His eyelids, which had felt so heavy up until that point, flew open.
“Maybe.” Maaya smirked, tilting his head to the side.
“What do you mean maybe?” Aki’s hand grabbed the elder boy’s wrist.
“You’re just so adorable when you’re asleep,” the boy’s grin widened, “So innocent and-”
“Shut up! Delete it!”
“Not on your life.”
Ignoring the dazzling smile, Aki tightened his grip around Maaya’s slim wrist, squeezing it hard, pulling him closer. “Yes, you will.”
“Never,” Maaya lowered himself on top of him, pinning him down with the weight of his body. He rested his forehead on Aki’s, touched his lips to the tip of his nose, and finally rolled over on his side, landing next to him on the mattress. Aki’s hand was still clasping his wrist, but since Maaya now lay on his free arm, he had no way of getting to the phone holding the embarrassing photo.
“I’m gonna use it as my background photo,” the elder of the two teased, prodding him in the side with his elbow.
“You wouldn’t dare.”
Their eyes met. The covers rustled. Maaya’s lip quirked, he laughed softly, stroking his fingertips along the younger boy’s cheek. Such a gentle touch, like the first spring breeze.
Lips that found his own, catching them in light, loving kisses.
“Then at least take a new one…” Aki finally murmured, pulling away slightly.
They lay side by side, cramped on the bed that was really only meant for one person, their faces only a slight inch apart.

Click, snap!

Their lips met again, followed by a clattering sound as the cell phone was dropped to the floor.


Happy consumer’s day!

Despite my rant yetserday on Twitter, I don’t mind Valentine’s day. But I don’t care about it either. I think it’s a good reminder if you’re in a relationship to show appreciation for your lover – but you should never forget to do that the rest of the year, and it’s not supposed to be an obligation. On the other hand, being single isn’t the worst thing in the world, so please don’t let it get you down that you don’t have a Valentine. After all, this holiday was created for the consumers to throw their money at corporations.For me, it’s just another excuse to order in Chinese and flop on the couch with a movie – which indeed makes this a good “holiday”. Ahah~

With that said, I did write something for today.  I keep thinking that I don’t want to share too much on this blog, as I don’t want to overdo anything, but in the end, Maaya and Aki are too cute, and I couldn’t resist.
I wrote this last week. Please enjoy this tidbit:

In Japan, girls give chocolate to the boys they like on Valentine’s day – the boys return the favor on March 14th (White’s day). There are two types of Valentine’s chocolate in Japan: Giri-choco which is basically “obligation chocolate” – you give this to your close male friends, brothers etc. And Honmei-choco, the real deal, given to someone you like.
100¥ = ca.$1.07


“Hey you,” Maaya grinned, not bothering to hide his surprise at finding Aki waiting for him outside the school gates.  If Aki was waiting for him at this hour, then that meant that he must’ve skipped out of school early again. He didn’t want to dwell on it though.  Or, for that matter, display any kind of concern.
“Hey, where’s Atsushi?” the raven haired teen replied flatly, looking around.
“Basket ball practice. There’s a game this weekend, so they’ll be camping at the gym all week.”
He chose to ignore the reply, brushing off the younger teen’s tendency to claim he disliked Maaya’s best friend. The truth was that the two of them got along fairly well.
“So, how’s the loot?” the younger asked.
“Don’t you usually rake in the sweets on this day?” Aki sent him a scrutinizing glare-
It was February 14th; Valentine’s day, and even now that he was out, Maaya would always receive all kinds of chocolate and sweets from the girls in class, and even from some of his kohais.
“And I did,” Maaya flashed him a happy grin. “Can’t wait to get home.”
“Of course you did”
Maaya listened for any kind of jealous tinge in Aki’s voice, his lip quirking.
They walked down the street together, Aki a couple of steps ahead, his hands stuffed into his pockets.
“So anyway,” Aki’s steps came to a halt, he slowly turned around, a light pink gracing his pale cheeks. “Here.”
He handed over a small package, completely anonymous in shape. No ribbons or heart-patterned wrappings or anything.
“For me?” Maaya accepted it, smiling. He pulled the younger boy closer. “You’re so sweet.”
“Oh shut up,” Aki averted his gaze, threatening to pull away. “It’s giri-choco okay?”
“No it isn’t, we’re a couple!” Maaya held him in place, nudging the boy’s ribcage with his elbow.
“Exactly. We’re a couple, so I’m obliged to give you something.”
By this time, the boy’s cheeks were a healthy crimson. Maaya laughed.
“It cost like a hundred yen at the conbini!”
The younger boy seemed completely reluctant towards showing any kind of emotion.
Maaya took his hand, and brought it up to his lips, placing a soft kiss on the boy’s fingers.
With a huff, Aki tore himself loose and strode back down the street. Laughing softly, Maaya followed suit, stuffing the little packet inside the pocket of his uniform.

He would save the best for last.

For my sleepless readers

In Japan, there’s a myth that if you can’t sleep, it means you’re awake in someone else’s dream. Last night, my mind decided to play out a scenario for me that I found very sweet. Typically, I wasn’t able to put it into words as well as I wanted, and it hasn’t been properly edited, because sometimes, the raw format is fitting.
This is code for me being lazy

Anyway, I hope that those of you who are still up, and reading this, might enjoy this short piece.


The sharp shrill of a cell phone tore through the room. Maaya groaned, turning over on his side, fumbling in the dark for the device that had tore him from his sleep. The bright, fluorescent green light partially blinded him as he picked up the phone. He clutched it, picking up without looking at the display first.
“…llo?” he croaked, his voice giving out.
Were you sleeping?” it was Aki’s soft voice on the other end.
Propping himself up on his elbow, strangling a yawn, Maaya replied; “Yeah, as is customary at this time of night.”
He blinked a couple of times, noting how his eyes were sort of sticking together from sleep. “What’s up? Can’t sleep?”
Nope,” Aki replied.
“So you decided to wake me up?”
A soft laughter came through the other end. Maaya had to smile. “Sadist.”
I’m not allowed to miss you?”
“You’re such a sweet talker,” Maaya smiled into the microphone, turning over on his back, “Say it again?”
Don’t get all embarrassing on me,” came the snarky reply.
“Why else would you be calling in the middle of the night?” he knew that he was leading the younger, but the haze in his mind was clearing up, making room for a growing amusement.
“Dream on,” Maaya laughed quietly, “Hands above the covers, Sakurai.”
I can’t help it, “ Aki murmured through the phone, “You sound so sexy like this; your voice all hoarse with sleep..”
Maaya stifled a laugh, not wanting to indulge him.
“Speaking of dreams,” he changed the subject, turning over on his other side, towards the wall. “Did you know that not being able to sleep indicates someone else is dreaming about you?”
Aki chuckled. “So you’re to blame.”
Maaya could hear his covers rustling through the phone, and smiled, picturing Aki in that messy room of his, wrapped up in his duvet, his hair a tangled mess.
You dream of me?”
Maaya clutched the phone harder, nodding, “Every night you’re not with me.”
Then,” Aki’s voice dropped slightly, “Let’s sleep together.”
“Okay,” Maaya whispered, placing the phone on his pillow, switching on the speaker button. He lay in the dark, just as Aki did in his own room, in the house in Aoyama; the two of them quietly whispering into their phones, until their speech grew slurred and their voices sleepy, falling asleep to the sound of the others’ breathing.

Feel free to comment! *hinthint*


Today’s Bloomsday. James Joyce’s “Ulysses” takes place on June 16th 1904, which was also the date he met his wife. I’ve never read Joyce’s work, although it’s on my to-do list for this summer. However, I have tried my hands on stream of consciousness writing, but I’m by no means good at it. I love grammar too much. This however, will be no attempt at stream of consciousness, but rather an uncut, unedited scene from my mind. Somehow, it’s at least a little fitting.


The sun was blazing, wind chimes in the upstairs window barely making any sound as there was hardly a trace of wind.
The flowers in the front yard, as well as the ones in the back yard, were glistening with water from the garden hose.
The two teenage boys sitting on the veranda out back were the same way; fully dressed, but drenched from top to toe after cooling down. Both of them had a popsicle in one hand, trying to finish it off before it melted, whilst the sun dried their clothes at record speed.

However, they were both content. It was only the two of them at home. With the exception of a dog barking, and the loud buzzing of insects, the neighborhood was refreshingly calm. It had been a while since the two of them had been alone together.  The older of the two, Maaya stretched his arms towards the sapphire sky, leaning back, staring up at the sky, chewing on the popsicle stick. The effect was less than temporary; he was already feeling way too hot again.
“Take mine,” Aki offered, handing him the half-eaten popsicle in his hand, “It’s too sweet anyway.”
Maaya smiled, taking it from him, noting that Aki’s hand was already sticky from the partially melted popsicle.
The younger shuddered, despite the ridiculous heat. “How can you even eat two of those?”
He was overheard. A bird chirped in the tree at the far end of the yard. One of the family’s three cats was looking up at it, as if waiting for it to come down -she was too lazy to try to climb in this heat.
He was pulled out of his own thoughts at the sensation of Aki’s hand brushing against his bare arm. He smiled without turning to look at him. The hand went up to touch his hair; casually running slim fingers through the pale tresses, which were swaying ever so slightly in the hardly existant wind.
“What is it?” he asked softly.
“Nothing. I’m happy.” came the reply.
He smiled again, turning his dark eyes to look at the boy; “Yeah. Me too.”

~ End

Sweet surprises~

Happy Tuesday~!

Or is it? I just had another mid-term today, and the flu I thought I’d gotten rid of has returned full force.  ヽ(´Д`ヽ) With friends in form of a ridiculously sore and swollen throat. I’m telling you, this is tradition by now. I think the mid-term went well still, so now I’ll just hope it won’t get worse before the final one on Thursday.

Anyway, I hope everyone has had a good January so far. For me, it’s been up and down in many ways already. But last night was definitely positive~
I was just checking my dA messages, with the intent of cleaning them out, and immediately shrieked in surprise.

by *Bonhwa on deviantART


Aren’t they adorable?! I commissioned her a while back, and as I love her art and F*S it was a real honor to have my boys in her style. I settled for chibis, because I couldn’t pick between the two of them. And I have absolutely no regrets~
I didn’t expect to see this at all yesterday, so I almost fell out of the couch upon seeing the title and then the image loaded. Haha~
Click on the image to see the larger version, and make sure to leave her a comment~♥

What made it even stranger, was that I’d just been admiring another work of hers, which was on my desktop. Like I said, it’s been a while since I commissioned her, and even though I didn’t mind the wait, she surprised me a weekend in December. I opened my inbox on Saturday morning to find this:


Thank you SO much~♥
It’s such a stunning picture, and she did him so well~ *w*
I literally sat around gaping at this one for a good while before I understood what was happening. Click the image for larger size~

I just can’t stop staring at them~ *w*
I hope everyone else enjoys them as much as I do, but remember: 

The characters are copyrighted to me, and the artwork belongs to Bonhwa. So don’t use or claim it as your own. Thank you.

 I actually went ahead and added her watermark myself, so I could share it with you guys. So please be respectful.
Anyway, these should appear in the fanart album on fb soon enough. And now I’m gonna try to get some work done.  I’ve spent far too long editing this post because wp is a….  (`皿´)/ 
Yeah… but as long as I have these to look at I guess I’ll stay sane and feel somewhat better~