Same Sex

Same Sex from Martine Sandberg on Vimeo.

Annika linked to this. It’s lovely, personal and important. A video about being true to yourself in Norway in 2012. It shouldn’t be necessary in this day and age, to come out, or defend your sexuality. It should be common knowledge that love holds no boundaries, and that it’s a beautiful thing.
Kine and Charlene’s video captures some of that beauty and melancholy.


Show Your Heart Norway

Good evening~
Even though we pushed the deadline to the limit, there were far less pictures than first hoped for, and anticipated. Nevertheless, even though it looked dark for a while, we were able to get on top of things, and finish this project.
Somehow we were able to assemble it all on time.

The feelings that went into those messages. I hope they will reach.

Thanks to everyone who participated. ♥