Blue Blood-ties

I came across an old draft from 2012 that was never posted a while back. It was written on November 20th, the day X Japan’s Yoshiki was born, emotionally scribbled down as I was watching live DVDs, celebrating by myself.
I don’t know why I didn’t post it, but once the day had passed I supposed there was no point to it?

Today however, marks 27 years since X Japan’s debut album was released, and I can’t not re-write that old draft. Because this band has had such a profound role in my life and perhaps more than anything, in my writing.

The first time I heard an X song, I was around 17 and although the lyrics were mainly in English, the words were broken and hard to decipher, but it didn’t matter, I still found myself overcome with emotion, and like the name of the song itself, I was overcome with tears.

When I started working on SNOW,  X were a natural part of the process – largely thanks to those heart-wrenching and emotional lyrics, which were a perfect backdrop to the scenes I was writing down, but also because of Maaya.
When Maaya first appeared before my inner eye in 2006, he had pink hair; it was cut short, but I knew that he’d used to wear it long. I think from that moment, I knew he was a hide fan.

At that point, the connection between the music and the novel was made.

I didn’t make him a fan because I myself am a fan, but because it all seemed to fall into place so easily, so obviously. But this connection has been deepened by some really striking coincidences .

Maaya’s birthday is March 15th. I picked it for no particular reason, but as with all my characters, I spent a lot of time mapping out their personalities and matching zodiacs.
March 15th 2011 was set to be the release of X Japan’s single Jade – a song played at almost every show since their 2007 reunion, but which had yet to see an official release.
Jade  means an enormous deal to me personally, but the fact that it was scheduled for Maaya’s birthday with the name that it had, and the message it carried… It was almost a little too coincidental.

Due to the tragedy of 3-11, Tohoku and the subsequent tsunami, the single was postponed, and not released until about a month later, but that didn’t change anything, least of all the way Jade was a bridge between my two novels, between Maaya and Aki’s stories.

At the time, I was mid-Jaded, and at a crossroads. For the longest time I had no idea what I was doing, or how the story would turn out. I was struggling with an element that no longer seemed to fit into the story, but which I had been holding on to for years already. I didn’t know if I should keep holding on, or if I should just let it go and let the story evolve into the new direction I had staked out. Somehow, the decision was made – albeit unconsciously.

I’m going through the old draft as I am writing this post, and being reminded again, of how deep this connection runs. It’s almost a little freaky, I think to myself as I sift through the lines and find facts long forgotten.

Apparently, the night I finished Jaded’s first draft, though nowhere near completion of anything but the overall story, was on this day, the anniversary of Blue Blood.
When the album came out, I was 9 months old. I wish I could say I grew up with this night, but at this point that’s what it feels like. I didn’t, but my writing certainly did.

On the date of the original draft, November 20th 2012, I announced the release date for Jaded. I wrote the following:  “Seems only right that events would drag out long enough for the announcement to be made on Yoshiki’s birthday.”

Today, I’m having a day off, and by chance this first day off in months falls on the anniversary of Blue Blood. At the end of the original draft, I wrote that I was watching them play Joker while smiling crookedly. Four years later I am listening to Celebration, and I hope that this strange connection my writing has with this fantastic band will never let up.




ただいま, part 2!

I have safely returned!
Although I’ve been back for a while already, I just haven’t had any time or energy to update the blog. I’ve been trying to “recover” from what we experienced in London, as well as recover from the cold I managed to catch while we were there.
Those following on Twitter will already be aware of where I have been, and how incredibly amazing it was. Chances are, I’ll never ever shut up about this experience.
London was alot of things. It was stifling HOT the first day. Noisy all day and all night. Rainy, wet and cold. Full of fantastic people. And I had the opportunity to meet a dear friend at long last ♥
Honestly, an experience to remember. Or should I say X-perience? ^__~

The moment finally came. I’m still trying to grasp it. It’s….nothing less of insane. X Japan were one of the main drive forces behind SNOW. Their lyrics were inspirational, their songs the soundtrack of the writing process, as well as for a lot of the chapters. Not to mention the blatant references to the band in the novel itself.
I’m rambling.. but this is a band I fell in love with from the first song I ever heard – and despite not understanding the lyrics at that point, I still found myself literally crying at how sore and beautiful the song was. At that point, X were disbanded. If I thought seeing GACKT live was a dream, getting to see X was an impossibility. And yet….there they were, right in front of my face.
Words really can’t describe the feeling it gave me, or the experience in itself.  It was definitely worth it all, from freaking out over the trip, to standing ten hours in line – seven or so of which were filled with rain. The amount of LOVE in the venue was amazing. X….were amazing.
And even though he’s a fictional character…it did mean alot for Maaya’s sake. ♥

Although none of the members will ever be reading this, I want to take the time to say THANK YOU to all six of them, for making that night magical. I also want to thank them for (without knowing it) being such a big part of my writing.

It was also really fun to be able to finally wear my hide cosplay!! I was afraid it would be too hot for it, but not only did the temperatures sink before the concert, the costume is also WATERPROOF. Lucky me! (笑) It was terrible hot to wear it inside the venue though….^^;;
And although my make-up was lacking, and I’m not nearly on their level, I felt so lucky to be able to take a picture with these guys:

They were all so amazing. ♥
I hope the weather over here clears up soon, so I can get some proper pictures of the costume~

So yes…I’m back, and already I’m swamped until well after the 8th. First off, I need to get rid of this cold. But regardless of what happens to that, tomorrow will be the kickstart of the 3-day G-festival! And on the 7th it’s doomsday again… Aiyaaa. Somewhere in the middle of it all, I suppose the editing of Jaded’s current chapters will have to be prioritized as well. ^^; Guh. I need more time.

And I hope everyone had a great time at Desucon last weekend! Obviously I wasn’t able to go, but I was lucky enough to run into a reader who was on her way home at the airport! ^__^

Anyway, that’s enough gushing from me in one day. I need to get back to preparing for tomorrow!
Well then~ Take care! and be on the lookout for hide-pics on dA